Coat Rack ‘spiritual growth’


If you do not have a coat rack nearby then you often throw your coat over it elsewhere. The result is clutter or chaos. A coat rack brings order and you know your stuff to be found again.

In our Christian world we use many biblical and Christian notions. It often looks like loose sand, without any connection. This book tries to be a coat rack to which we can hang our Christian concepts and begin to see the links.

Based on experience I can say that a Christian coat rack helps. Sermons I listen to me regularly are as loose sand, beautiful, fully Bibles and yet I cannot much with. Seeing interrelationships and job order will give much clarity.

These statements are from the Infographic

Building material
Obedience is the key to spiritual growth 
It is not all about good or bad, but about Life or death
God accepts us the way we are, but does not want us to stay that way
Predestination has to do with tasks